Copier Lease Pitfalls

The many pitfalls of the copier industry would have you believe that a copier lease is the best option for your business needs. Want to know the truth? Rent A CopierAbout Xpress Copier Rentals

What Does Your Business Need?

There are benefits to both renting a copier as well as leasing one. But the question you have to ask yourself is “what are the needs of your business?” Only the client truly knows exactly what they need. Here are a few common pitfalls to avoid when looking to get into a copier lease agreement.

Time Frame

For instance, if your business is always going to be located at a specific address, then a copier lease might just be right for you. But let’s say you’re a developer and you are moving to different sites for construction jobs. Do you really want to move a 400 pound copier machine every time you go to a new location?

What happens when you are done on with a job? Do you have another one already lined up? If not, you’re going to be paying for that copier lease regardless. In short the benefit to staying away from a copier lease is that in a rental agreement you’re not bound to a long term contract.

Hidden Fees

One of the biggest pitfalls with a copier lease is the hidden fees associated with miniscule characteristics in the fine print of the contract. It’s imperative that you analyze your contnract carefully so you are not locked into a one sided agreement where you’re overpaying for things you’re not using.

With a rental contract from Xpress Copier Rentals we can guarantee you a customizable rental agreement in which you, the client are in complete control. Transparency is an absolute in the copier industry and that is why we give you all of the costs up front.

Machine Bias

Every machine is different for a reason. One machine might print more quickly while another machine has a longer life expectancy. Do some research and get the machine that best suits your needs. If you have a question about any of your needs you can consult with us and we’ll help you in your decision making.

Another thing to be mindful of is what we like to call brand neutrality. In making a decision about which machines to use (rent or lease), make sure that your vendor is brand neutral. this will only give you more options in the end and that will increase your satisfaction.


We want you to beware of the pitfalls in the copier industry. There are many companies who pay money unknowingly and here at Xpress Copier Rentals we want you do be informed so you can get the best deal you can possibly get.




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